Nursing Staff Do Not Get a Pass

12 May

Links Between the Shortage In Nursing Staff and Patient Brutality

By Briana Spears, May 12th 2015


No Patience for the Patients

As possible links have been made between patient brutality and the shortage in nursing staff, it has become an alarming matter. Lately, this reoccurring issue has taken its course at hospitals in Harrisburg and surrounding areas throughout Central Pennsylvania.

It is sad to think that your loved ones are in a place that is supposed to help them, when all the while it is hurting them.

“I give orders but it is up to my staff makes it happen. I cannot be a chaperone. Morality must kick in. This is something you learn at home,” says Dr. Merritt, of the Harrisburg Osteopathic Hospital.

Firsthand From a Former Nurse

“I get it but that sure as hell does not make it right. I wore those same shoes. You are going on 12 straight hours on your feet not to mention you worked overtime the night before because someone called off. The only thing standing in the way of you going home is one patient who will not take their meds. One who tries fighting you because they do not want to get in bed. Or one crying because no one has come to see them yet,” says Tommy Reitz, former nurse.

“So you get a little forceful to calm them down,” he continued. “I have seen the same sad story a thousand times. They start off nice and crack. You literally sacrifice who you are to make sure others are okay and get no recognition for it. You must be patient. This is an industry all on its own and you have to know why you want to be a part of it. If you are not a people person there is no sense in entering the medical field”.

Putting the Patient First

Patients appear to suffer from the decrease in educational requirements for nursing staff. Generally, the “standard” nurse obtains a Bachelor’s degree before working in the field.

“Most nursing students get an Associate’s degree or online certification. “Proper credentials bring about proper training. These patients are defenseless. You must remember that,” says a Harrisburg Hospital nurse.

Simply, “The money, she said”. “It pays well,” was the response a nursing student gave when asked why they wanted to enter the field. It always goes back to money. An alarming statement as this leads one to question these caretakers.

“It is a good thing you came when you did. I am scared to have him as my nurse. Just me and him all night. I thought he was going to come in here and jack me up. They handle you just as rough, throw the covers any kind of way. You stay quiet because you never know what they will do here by yourself. I tell you all not to run your mouth so much because I am here by myself. These fake nurses. Smiling in your face and act a different way soon as you leave,” a patient at Harrisburg Osteopathic Hospital.

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