Millersville University: Mac Miller Comes to the Ville

12 May

MU’s Spring Fling 2015

By Briana Spears, May 7, 2015

The Word is Out

Hundreds of students lined up for what would be one of the best events of the year. When news broke that Mac Miller would be performing at Millersville University, it drew the attention of students from schools across the state.

Malcolm McCormick, better known by his Rapper name of Mac Miller, is a Pennsylvania native. He is best known for hit songs “Donald Trump” and “Knock Knock”.

On Saturday April 11th, the doors of the Pucillo Gymnasium opened to the public at 6:45 p.m. Shortly after, the gymnasium was full of students eager to see him perform. The crowd began to get restless as 8 p.m. approached and he had not yet arrived.

Many left the scene as 8:30 p.m. came and he still had not arrived. “He posted on Twitter that he was stuck in traffic,” one boy in the crowd shouted, referring to Mac Miller.

Behind the Scenes

The University’s Student Organization Concert Committee is responsible for the planning and producing of the event. Time and hard work went into making this event a success.


“A lot of work went into making this happen. We to come out and have a good time. It is the close of a long and stressful term so what better way to kick back and get a little crazy before the heat of finals hits,” states one Committee member.

Tickets went on sale February 25th, selling at seven dollars for student admission, and sold out weeks prior to the day of the event. “The tickets haven’t even officially gone on sale yet and there is a line out the door. I even have a friend from Temple who wants me to buy her a ticket,” one Undergrad student says.

The Night of the Event

Rapper Choo Jackson opened the stage and just after 9 p.m., Mac Miller hit the stage. Performing hit songs like, “Happy Birthday,” and “Clap Your Hands,” Mac Miller really got the crowd going. Later in the concert, he refers to himself as “Mac Millersville”, saying he felt a special connection.

He shares his testimonial of being from Pennsylvania, saying, “I am from PA so I know what it is like. I have been in your shoes before. I am one of y’all”. After leaving the stage, Mac Miller came back on stage for an encore, where he performed “Donald Trump, and “Loud” to conclude the show.

“The crowd seemed to have mixed opinions of the performance,” Allie Remis says. “Some people left immediately”, she continued, “While others danced and enjoyed themselves. Because many people left in the middle of the concert and many arrived late, people were going in and out of the gym all night”.

“It was a good turnout. It was pretty live. I was actually kind of surprised,” Freshman Nicholas Carter said. “I mean it was really just something to do,” he went on. “I do not know a whole lot of his music but this is a big deal for our school. I just wanted to hear ‘Donald Trump’ and he performed that so I am good. You know nothing big really happens here so when it does everyone goes. Everyone knew it was going to be live. This was my first ‘concert-concert’ though so I did not really know what to expect but I had fun”.

Students were not so much worried about the event itself and whether it was good or not but what it represents for their school. When something as big as this happens, students come together as a community to support and to make it something fun.

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