Harrisburg School District School Issues for Suspension after Prom Dress is Deemed Inappropriate

12 May



Alexus Miller- Wigfall Threatened with Suspension, Mom Fights Back

By Briana Spears

Issuing the Suspension

Harrisburg School District’s Prom was held Saturday April 25th. Days later, one senior was issued a suspension for what appeared to be “too revealing” of a dress.

Alexus Miller- Wigfall, was suspended for what her mother believes to be nothing more than the “targeting” of a “plus-size” individual.

“You have more boobs than other girls. They have less to show,” are the alleged words of the school’s assistant principal to Miller-Wigfall. She was informed about the suspension the Tuesday following Prom. She later received a written referral that Wednesday.

Sneed was previously informed by a school counselor that the suspension would be overturned, however.

Sneed Fights Back

Miller- Wigfall told her other, Sneed, that a school administrator ripped up the referral in her face,  Sneed then took matters into her own hands, bringing attention to the matter. She claims she was never contacted to discuss the reversal or the cause of the suspension.

When asked, the District declined a confirmation of the reversal for privacy concerns.

lexx  “Other students wore dresses more revealing but were not punished,” Sneed said. Miller-Wigfall informed Penn Live that no one approached her about her dress at the prom except for Superintendent Knight Burney, who apparently complimented her dress.

Getting Answers

According to Kirsten Keys, a school district spokeswoman, stated that Miller-Wigfall was the only student suspended for prom attire from the SciTech campus of Harrisburg High School. It is a shared prom hosted between SciTech and the main campus.

Harrisburg School District was asked to provide the dress approval process with guidelines and approval deadlines. Most questions were refused an answer.

Sneed said she and her daughter jumped through several hoops already, trying to get the dress approved. She made it known that school officials did not call her back that week when she tried to get approval. School officials say Alexus failed to get her dress approved by the deadline, however.

This appears to be a Trend

One mother of a student at SciTech had this to say, “My daughter experienced a similar situation with SciTech over a skirt that many girls wore to school but for some reason my daughter was dressed inappropriately.  The rules in Harrisburg School District only apply to certain students.  There is nothing wrong with how this young lady is dressed”.

Some say this is a common issue with the school. While some students are targeted others can go free. “They have favorites,” one former student says.

“Last year I got mine approved after school hours,” she continued. “The principal told me I better be glad she likes me because I am supposed to have an appointment. We laughed and she went on to approve my gown. Don’t get me wrong, they try to be fair but I don’t think they realize that sometimes they aren’t”.

Miller-Wigfall took to social media, “Again thank you to everyone who shared positive opinions on the dress and the situation!”, handling the matter gracefully.

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