A Day at the Harbor

12 May
A Day at the Harbor

HACC Baltimore Cruise

By Briana Spears, May 12th, 2015

The Cruise

After a long semester, it is time to kick back and enjoy yourself. As a reward for your hard work, Harrisburg Area Community College decides to sponsor a bus trip to the Baltimore Harbor. On Saturday April 18th, 2015 HACC took a bus trip to Baltimore, Maryland.

For a small fee of fifty dollars, the cost covered transportation by bus to and from Harrisburg and a cruise. As students boarded the Spirit Cruise Ship, the beauty of city could be seen for miles. Some felt a rush of fear, while others excitement. It was a two-hour all-inclusive cruise. Food was provided on the ship, as students were given a selection from some of Baltimore’s finest cuisine.

It was a buffet style event. Some of the selections on the menu include salmon, tilapia, baked ziti, vegetables, salad bar, rolls, and of course dessert. “This has to be from the Cheesecake Factory,” one said in reference to the Cheesecake. There was a wide range of food to choose from.

Once students were done eating the real fear kicked in. Students were eager to

Go on the roof of the ship. “Oh my I do not know if I can do this,” Jay Singleton said while climbing the stairs to the roof. Once at the highest level of the cruise students were able to see the sun as its reflection glistened on the water.

“I am going to be sure to get lots of pictures. I never come to Baltimore without my camera. I never go anywhere without my camera,” Dejay Merideth stated.

Towards the end of the two-hour cruise, students came back to the inside of the ship where they danced to music. “This is a good DJ. He actually knows current songs,” Singleton said. Playing line dances like “Dilo Shuffle Part Two,” or “Cupid Shuffle”. Even honoring couples celebrating their anniversaries by taking it back to songs like “Always and Forever”.

Enjoying the Rest of the Day

Once the cruise came to and end, students were given free time to do with it as they pleased. “We have like five hours left,” Amber Spears said. With this extensive amount of time, students decided to site see. Going to places such as “Phillips,” “The Cheesecake Factory,” or “Chick- Fil- A,” there was no room for hunger.

Students explored the stores at the Harbor and enjoyed The Galleria. At the close of the day, students were expected to meet back at the bus for departure by 6:45 p.m. that evening. “This was really nice. I had a good time because I needed to get away for a while,” Spears states. While on the road back to Harrisburg students reminisced the great day they had and made plans to come again on their own time.

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