The Joys of HACCfest

06 May

By Dejay Meredith

Students going down the zip-line

The zip-line is one of many attractions available to students.

The Student Programming Board and Student Government Association held its first ever festival before exams in 2003. In 2009, HACCfest got its famous name and gained the attention from students and faculty.

Sometimes students just need to let loose. In order to connect, colleges across the country often hold student festivals and events when stress level are at their highest. or over a decade, HACC has been having events for students to wind down at the end of the semester by having activities like rock climbing, relay races, and raffle drawing contest.

The seventh HACCfest occurred on May 1 and lasted two days. Students participated in the many activities that were available for them. It was hard to tell that finals were coming up the following week.

“I think students benefit from HACCFest a lot–It helps students to get involved and get to know what the Student government can do for them” said Hayden Alison, SGA President. “Everything here is meant to be a stress relief.”

HACCfest has gotten bigger every year. According to both the SPB and SGA, this year’s HACCfest was a big accomplishment.

“I remember it use to be battle of the bands before HACCfest came about” said Jennifer Jackson, Director of Student Life. “We use to sell food and have good music with one or two activities so students wouldn’t just eat and leave; now it’s different. The students come and enjoy themselves and never want to leave because they’re having so much fun.”

Jackson went on to say what students get out of HACCfest. “Students get a certain experience at HACC that they wouldn’t get from another college atmosphere.”

“They can really get a great sense of community and get to meet other students at HACCfest” said Alison. “It’s a great way to get involved and moving forward getting to see what they have to look forward too.”

Students are not the only ones that get to participate in all the activities. The faculty and those in the nearby communities have always come to enjoy the festivities.

“Us faculty have more to do than just help the students graduate, this helps students see how to be involved with community activities.” Said Jackson. “When students see their professors in an outside classroom setting it brings a sort of relief to a student’s mind, I can tell by just looking at their faces.”

Anyone who has experienced HACCfest in the past and just remembers the rock climbing wall or music, they truly don’t know what there is to gain from this festival. All the money that is made from HACCfest has help Harrisburg city in some way.

“HACCfest has always been set up to support a non-profit organization” said Jackson. “This year all proceeds made will go to Wildwood Park Preservations.”

After talking to some students, it seems there is a lot to out of HACCfest. “I think it’s fun for the students to get involved and engaged in the different activities” said Simone Long, sophomore at HACC. “I plan on coming back after I graduate.”

HACCfest has done its job when it came to helping students simply calm down and think about something else before taking their last test of the year. If they’re taking summer classes, that’s a different story.

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