Summer Camps for Teens at HACC

06 May

By Ashley Geise

HACC Logo Place holder.


This summer sign your teen up for some fun. HACC is offering summer camps for teens starting June 29 and running until July 23. Offering a plethora of different themes for the camps from architecture to web design, giving teens an inside view of different interesting subjects.

“It’ll be a great way for my teen to learn about something that sounds interesting to them, and in a safe environment to,” said Robin Yost mother of two.

The camps are offered at all five HACC campuses and are all taught by professors in a class room setting. A day of fun learning starts at 9 am and ends at 3 pm with a break for lunch provided by the college.

“The camps give teens a fun, hands on way to learn about new subjects and an inside view into the college,” says coordinator Abigail Peslis.

The idea for the camps came from Victor Rodgers while discussing ideas amongst coworkers like Abigail Peslis. In a larger discussion between both the non-credit and credit departments the themes of the camps were decided based on what they thought would be interesting to teenagers and fun for professors to teach.

Camps for youth have been offered before, such as kid college and youth camp. Although nothing has been offered in the past two years despite having a successful run.

The camps are focused mainly on teenagers this year. With hopeful lookout for the following years they will be able to spread the focus to involve younger kids around the ages seven to eight.

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