Culinary program returning to HACC’s Harrisburg campus

06 May

By Wyatt Boyer


The kitchen at the Harrisburg campus is currently closed and awaiting renovation.

Two weeks ago, HACC announced their plan to relocate the culinary program back to the Harrisburg campus’ student center for the fall semester. Culinary classes are currently occupying leased space at the Blue Ridge Country Club.

The decision to bring the program back to its original location was made “based on student, faculty, and staff feedback received during the campus master planning process” claims Richard Cardamone, Executive Director of Business Affairs at HACC. This renovation plans to enhance the experience of culinary students and provide a wide range of food to the campus.

These renovations caused the Bistro to close on May 1. Food trucks will be provided while the kitchen remains closed.

“Multiple food trucks are willing to serve the campus beginning May 4 and through the summer. The goal is to have a separate truck on campus each day, Monday through Thursday, at the corner of Cooper and Rose Lehrman Arts” said Mr. Cardamone. Each truck will provide different food options for students and faculty.

Student opinion is in favor of the relocation. “I think that’s a good idea. It’s a way for the people in the culinary program to gain experience and it makes HACC and the culinary program seem more connected and united with the college since they will be showing off what they are learning on the Harrisburg campus” notes Becky Arney, a criminal science major at HACC.

Completing renovations before the fall semester will be a daunting task. “We have a lot of work ahead of us to make this happen by August, but we are looking forward to this unique opportunity” adds Cardamone.

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